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If we don't support the arts who will?

| 29 July, 2013 22:54

Today I spent a bit of time observing art teachers in a Las Vegas park donating their time to reach at risk-youth and provide them with the joy of creating art. This labor of love in the heat of the desert was met with smiles, laughter and gratitude from both the children and their parents. The sad part is that the program that supports this effort, Artz-to-Go, is in dire need of funding.  They have a crowdsourcing campaign to raise money that is nearing its end.  If we don’t support the arts who will? Nothing is better than the feeling of paint on my hands. I hope to share that with as many people as I can!  If you want to help me share the joy visit http// 

Old friends, religion and the contemplation of art

| 20 July, 2013 11:34

A friend asked me recently about what I have been doing.  It was such a loaded question since I have been doing so much and did not know where to start. Right now I am contemplating more religious themes in my art that are related to what keeps people apart.  The ironic part of it, religion seems to espouse itself to, giving back, caring for others and living a better life, unattached to the things of this world.  Yeah, unattached, how hard is that?  I know I am attached to those I love, the things I love to do (art) and now my next project in oil paint.  The good thing is that I get to mull about in my head, while waiting for this piece to reveal its name.